Monday, 11 September 2017

Having fun with Mr Vogt making exploding rockets out of plastic bottles.

Cross Country

I was so proud. My boys in Room 15 came 1st Roman, 2nd Lincoln, 3rd Bronson, and 4th Najari, in the Year 3 Cross Country

Cross Country

The weather was amazing for our cross country run. Here are just a few photos of the day. Latiana, Mele, Ema, Finau and myself
Ema having a rest on her best friend Mele
Exodus, Bronson, Lucian and Lincoln. Lincoln got a bit carried away with the sunblock.

Cross Country

Tyson, Bronson and Najari filling up the bins for the students to wash their feet in after training for cross country.
Don't know how much water was been successfully loaded into the large bin but the boys were having fun.

Having Fun With Chalk

The rain finally stopped so I let the kids out to have some fun with the chalk. Aye Myat lying very still so the girls could trace around her.
The finished product of Aye Myat