Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Murder On The Dance Floor

At the end of every year the students make a fun movie. This year we decided to have a dance off to the beautiful Sophie Ellis-Bxter's song, Murder On The Dance Floor. Hope you enjoy it.

Murder on the Dance Floor from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

KINDNESS: Manaiakalani Film Festival

This year the students from Room 25 wanted to make a movie about 'kindness'. As we filmed this movie and talked about different ways of being kind, it became clear that when you are kind to others they will be kind back. We hope you enjoy our movie because we had so much fun making it.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The Magical Kingdom of Boondagilay

So here is the finished mural the kids from Room 25 created. They have been writing narratives and animating them and all their ideas came from the mural they created.

IMG_0572 (1) from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Making Masks

Today room 25 had an awesome day painting and decorating our masks.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Fun Friday

On Friday our Olympics Day was cancelled as it was too cold for the kids to be out on the field all day. They were so disappointed, I made the call to have a fun art day.
Riverson, Connor and Mariko relaxing on the couch listening to talking stories
Mele at the glitter station decorating her art work
Roman just chilling out
Ryyder, Aniqua, Melemanu and Brittany hard at work colouring in their pixies
Ashley and Bryston creating amazing lego rocket ships
Tevita, Bronson, Tyson and Najari designing and colouring in robots

Waiting to go in to Te Reo class.

It was freezing cold but we found a warm space in the sun

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Our Magical Kingdom

Last week we decided as a class to take down our Olympic art and replace it with a beautiful mural. To keep both the boys and girls happy we made a stone castle and a rainbow castle, we had knights on horses and wild talking horses. The girls made a forest of feathers for the pixies to live and the boys made a haunted wood where a ghost lived. we made flying dragons and drew a huge rainbow. There was lots of glitter involved........lol......

 For the next 3 week we are writing narratives about the mural. It has been exciting and some of the stories coming out are wonderful. I have started reading them the Sword In The Stone, and showing them some clips on You Tube on what it was like back in those days. But most of all its about letting your imagination run wild and having fun with your writing.

 Here are some pictures of our mural. (It is still a work in progress)

Monday, 1 August 2016

Team 2's Immersion Assembly

So the gorgeous girls in my team decided we would make a movie for assembly. It had to be something to do with the Olympics. Why not make a rap? ITs very embarrassing but the kids got a huge laugh....hope you do to......excuse the singing it seems all of us in Team 2 are not gifted in this department.

Untitled from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Point England School Art Exhibition

Finally the Art Exhibition arrived. My students were so excited to see out Winter Wonderland. It is at the very end of movie. Unfortunately you don't get the full effect, but trust me it looked amazing. Mr Jacobsen did an amazing job with the lights and we all felt really proud.

Art Exhibition from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

2 Days To Go Before The Holidays

With 2 days left and the weather horrible outside we decided to do some intensive art with glitter. We turned on the music and got to work. Everyone was so happy including Neo the dog who came to visit us for the day.

File_000 from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Room 25 are Learning How To Animate

So for the last few weeks the students in Room 25 have had free choice in their writing. Once they have written their story they sit down and choose backgrounds to accompany their story. Next they draw in their characters and create their very own simple animation. Here are just a few examples. This story was written and created by Aye Myat This story was written and created by Bronson

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Winter Wonderland........nearly finished

We are nearly there. It has taken many weeks but it has been so much fun. A few touch ups and we will be complete. But here is our Winter Wonderland so far.

Winter Wonderland......making our trees

Next we made some trees out of paper and coloured them in with pastels. We used different shades of green. We made big trees and small trees to give the illusion of them been far away....well we tries to. :) Tyson and Jermaine covering the trees with glitter
Jermaine sticking down his trees
Tyson sticking down his trees
Petero and Najari gluing and applying glitter to more trees
Petero sticking down his trees
Najari sticking down his trees

Making our 3 D branches

Next Room 25 went for a walk to the park next door and we collected some old branches. We bought them back to class and set about painting them white and covering them with silver glitter
Petero taking his time and doing a fabulous job
Tevita with a his finished branch. Unfortunately you can't see the glitter but I can assure you they are all sparkly and beautiful

Winter Wonderland.....touch ups

Room 25 decided we needed more glitter....because you can never have enough glitter....so Aniqua set to work adding more leaves to our trees.
Next she added more silver glitter to cracks in our cobble stones
Jermaine adding more red glitter to our trees
Anna adding more purple glitter to her favourite tree

Winter Wonderland.....Creating the lake

Bronson and Bryston starting to paint the lake.
After the boys had painted the lake they covered the lake in blue glitter

Room 25's Trip to Point England Beach

So we had a major internet breakdown at school today so we decided to spend the day working on our art project. While we were waiting for the paint and glitter to dry I packed the kids up and we walked down to the beach. The sun was out and everyone was in a great mood. We spent a couple of hours exploring the our beautiful coastline, jumping off rocks, writing our names in the sand, exploring rock pools and finished off at the playground.

Room 25 trip to beach 2 from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Winter Wonderland......Creating our trees made of glitter

So we looked at several images of winter landscapes and the one that we all loved is this.
So out came the glitter. That was fun. So with a lot of glue and heaps of glitter we started to make our trees. Roman and Ayla beginning the process
Mele, Roman, Ayla, Mariko
Mele, Mariko
Mele, Roman, Ayla and Mariko took their time. They teamed up and one applied the glue and the other applied the glitter

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Winter Wonderland....Making the snowman

So after much discussions with the class the next thing they wanted to create was a snowman. Tevita and Bronson had the job of using cotton balls to make Sam the Snowman. Tevita and Bronson
Next the boys went outside and found some small sticks for his arms. They used 2 round green counters for his eyes. Bronson cut out a hat and coloured it in black and Tevita made the red mouth. The nose which will be a real carrot will go on at the very end.

Winter Wonderland......Creating the trees

Next the we had to paint the trees lining our amazing cobblestone path. I drew the out line in pencil and handed over the brown paint and let the kids go for it...... Riverson, Connor
Ema, Aye Myat, Ryder, Mariko
Jermaine, Bryston

Winter Wonderland

Next after all the kids had walked all over our pristine background Leigharna decided we needed to paint the back ground again. So I handed her the paint and roller and she was off.

Winter Wonderland......Our path is finished