Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Our Magical Kingdom

Last week we decided as a class to take down our Olympic art and replace it with a beautiful mural. To keep both the boys and girls happy we made a stone castle and a rainbow castle, we had knights on horses and wild talking horses. The girls made a forest of feathers for the pixies to live and the boys made a haunted wood where a ghost lived. we made flying dragons and drew a huge rainbow. There was lots of glitter

 For the next 3 week we are writing narratives about the mural. It has been exciting and some of the stories coming out are wonderful. I have started reading them the Sword In The Stone, and showing them some clips on You Tube on what it was like back in those days. But most of all its about letting your imagination run wild and having fun with your writing.

 Here are some pictures of our mural. (It is still a work in progress)

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